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Quickest way to count calories, track macros, water, and all of your food intake.

Why Calory

Stay On Track

Recording your calories as you eat gives you a clearer picture of the calories you are consuming. It also enhances your awareness of food values and nutrient levels, all of which helps you make healthier choices when eating.

Simple & User Friendly

Calory provides a quick and clutter free way to record your calories consumed.

Macro Tracking

Calory Premium allows you to track and specify daily goals for macro nutriens like carbs, proteins, fat, sodium and more!

Visualize Progress

Visualize your daily progress with the interactive calorie particles. Additionally see weekly, monthly, and yearly progress charts that give a fantastic overview of your history.

Apple Health

Calory works with Apple Health. Your nutrition data is saved in your private Health data base.

iCloud Sync

Calory works seamlessly across your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch!

No signup required! Calory uses your personal secure iCloud storage.

Available on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and MacOS!

Cross Platform Calorie Tracking

Calory Top Features

You will love the minimalistic design and easy to use features!

Calorie Counting

Calory provides a quick way to record the calories you consume, making it a helpful nutrition, health, and weight loss app.

Journal View

Calory has an alternative home screen layout: Journal View. This view provides a more detailed snapshot of your day, including your daily calorie count.

Water Tracking

Calory isn’t just a calories counter and calculator – it also provides a way to track your hydration levels too! Track how much water you drink during the day.

Weight Tracking

Weigh in daily and track your weight! If you have a scale connected to Apple Health, Calory will import your entries too!

Macro Tracking

The Calory food and calorie tracker app gives you the ability to track your nutrition intake in detail. This includes the option to specify daily macro nutrient goals.

Plates and Recipes

Create your own custom foods, plus Calory offers thousands of meal recipes to inspire you!


Calory offers weekly, monthly, and yearly progress charts, giving you a fantastic overview of your food diary history.

Siri Shortcuts

Log your foods without opening Calory by telling Siri to log your food or plate!

Premium Features

Free version is a great start for basic calorie tracking. Boost your calorie counting with Calory Premium!

Calory Free

  • Calorie Tracking
  • Weight Tracking
  • Basic USDA Food Database
  • Limited Plates
  • Macro Tracking
  • Water Tracking
  • Custom Foods
  • Recipes
  • Barcode Scanning (US Only)
  • Today Widget
  • Custom Reminders
Download Free

Calory Premium

$ 14.99 / year
  • Calorie Tracking
  • Weight Tracking
  • Premium Food Database
  • Unlimited Plates
  • Macro Tracking
  • Water Tracking
  • Custom Foods
  • Recipes
  • Barcode Scanning (US Only)
  • Today Widget
  • Custom Reminders
Upgrade to Premium

Note! Prices may vary from location to location.

App Screens

Beautiful dark and light modes are available in Calory. You can also customize theme colors to your liking.

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Frequently Asked Support Questions

Does Calory consider my workouts?

When you turn on the Burned Calories feature, Calory will read data from the Active Energy section of Apple Health. Active Energy estimates the energy you burn when active. This includes everything from slow walking to intensive workouts.

What is the difference between Free and Premium?

Calory's Premium Features let your track more data about your diet. You also get access to additional food databases and other features.

Can I tack my hydration?

Water Tracking is a premium feature, so you will need to purchase a premium option to access it. Lifetime, monthly, and yearly premium options are available.

Does Calory track macro nutriens?

Calory lets you track your daily intake of macro nutrients in addition to tracking calories. With this feature switched on, you can keep track of your daily consumption of macro nutrients, ensuring they remain within recommended daily guidelines or within the range recommended by your physician or medical professional.

Can I create custom foods?

Custom foods, or My Foods, allows you to add the nutritional information about a food or dish that you regularly eat. This is saved in Calory so you can record this food on future days with a simple tap.


Start tracking what you eat today!

If you are looking for a calculator to track your daily calorie intake, Calory is ideal. It is the best calorie tracker, counter, and calculator app available. Download it from the App Store today.